Natural Attractions Include

Natural Attractions Include

Population (Siquijodnuns) (2010) 91,000.

Situated in the central Visayas.
Its capital is also called Siquijor.
Northwest lies Cebu (16 m)and Negros (12 m).
Northeast is Bohol (19 m).
South is the island of Mindanao (28 m).

The Capital is Siquijor pop. around 25,000.

  • Cambugahay and other waterfalls
  • Old Enchanted Tree at Lazi
  • Natural Flowing Spring
  • Mount Ilihan
  • Palingkod Hills
  • Bandilaan Natural Park
  • Salagdoong Man-made Forest
  • More than 40 Nature Reserves Caves around the island, with an Antique Coffin in the town of Lazi.
  • Mangrove Areas
  • There are 10 marine sanctuaries and one marine reserve, containing many species of fish, corals, seagrass and other marine life.
  • Wildlife Sanctuary/Forest Reserves
  • More than 400 hectares of Natural Parks

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