Solili (Siquijor) (September 17) is the main festival when the island celebrates “Araw ng Siquijor” The Solili Dance. Being a traditional marriage ritual, serves as one of the highlights of the week-long Siquijor celebration.

Dilaab Festival (Siquijor)
1st Week of October

Bugwas Festival
Last Week of August(San Juan)

Saging Festival (Bananas)
2nd Week of May (Lazi)

Lubi Festival
3rd Week of May

Pamukad Festival
2nd Week of July (Enrique Villanueva)

Canoan Festival

Folk Healing Festival
Herbalists in the island produce medicinal potions made from a variety of tree barks, roots, herbs, insects & other ingredients said to have healing powers. Preparation takes place in a large pot of coconut oil. They are also known for making love potions, said to charm and bring good luck to users.

Start date:

May 1st, 2016

Finish date:

Oct 31st, 2016


8 Hours