Solili (Siquijor) (September 17) is the main festival when the island celebrates “Araw ng Siquijor” The Solili Dance. Being a traditional marriage ritual, serves as one of the highlights of the week-long Siquijor celebration.

Natural Attractions Include

Population (Siquijodnuns) (2010) 91,000.
Situated in the central Visayas.
Its capital is also called Siquijor.
Northwest lies Cebu (16 m)and Negros (12 m).
Northeast is Bohol (19 m).
South is the island of Mindanao (28 m).
The Capital is Siquijor pop. around 25,000.

Mt. Ilihan, Siquijor

It is located in the western part of Barangay Ytaya. The shape of Mt. Ilihan is similar to Mayon Volcano in Luzon.

On the top of it stands the big cross where the Station of the Cross is being celebrated during holy week.

Tulapos Marine Sanctuary

Principal attractions are dive sites, marine life, extensive mangroves, white sandy beaches and bays.

Species you see on island: Hard Coral, Small Barracuda, Parrot Fish, Nudibranchs, Razor Fish, Clown Fish, Grouper, Sea Turtles, Ghost Pipefish, Ribbon Eel, Pegasus, Cuttlefish & The Spanish Dancer, Yellow Tail Fusilier, Devil rays, Squid.

Cambugahay and other waterfalls

Down some hundred steps from Lazi town’s main road is a scenery as magical as Siquijor’s mystical reputation is the Cambugahay Falls which rises three times, by my estimate, in ten-foot increments from the lowest pool; which eventually snakes for another three kilometers down before emptying in the Bay of Lazi. The water is light turquoise green and looked very inviting.