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Welcome to Cliff Side Beach Resort and Cottages

Siquijor is Known as the Mystical Island , being famous for its magical and natural healing but blessed with wonderful and white beaches and it is in the heart of the Philippines.

At Cliffside beach and resort, enjoy comfortable, spacious cottages overlooking the sea with prices designed for all budgets.

It is an eco-sensitive, environmentally responsible, low impact resort that blends with its natural environment and people. It is a perfect place to simply relax, unwind, and chill out.

The resort staff will ensure that your island vacation becomes a memory that you will never forget for a very long time.


The first mate and his Skipper too will do their very best to make the others comfortable in their tropic island nest but they got different the Brady Bunch.
  • Cable TV
  • Hot and Cold Shower
  • Split Air Conditioner
  • Cable TV
  • Split Air Conditioner
  • Wifi


It is a perfect place to simply relax, unwind, and chill out.



Siquijor /sɪkɪˈhɔː/ is a 5th provincial income class island province of the Philippines located in the Central Visayas region It has alot to offer when it comes to tourist attraction.


Solili (Siquijor) (September 17) is the main festival when the island celebrates “Araw ng Siquijor” The Solili Dance. Being a traditional marriage ritual, serves as one of the highlights of the week-long Siquijor celebration.

Natural Attractions Include

Population (Siquijodnuns) (2010) 91,000.
Situated in the central Visayas.
Its capital is also called Siquijor.
Northwest lies Cebu (16 m)and Negros (12 m).
Northeast is Bohol (19 m).
South is the island of Mindanao (28 m).
The Capital is Siquijor pop. around 25,000.

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